Monday, November 30, 2015

Amazing how far medicine has come...

Wow.  7  years ago, I was very worried about both my children.  Update. With a lot of patience and a lot of work...they are doing so well!!!  So don't give up!

I straddled Sensory Issues, Oppositional Deviance Disorder, ADD, and Pandas and learning disabilities.

Both my kids are doing better than well.

I brag, but forth most, I am so humble.  The medical community has come so far in understanding what is/can be root causes for things like: mood disorders, anger issues, oppositional behaviors, learning disabilities, etc...

If you are a parent whom is concerned about your child...Please, don't give up.

Look into Diet(Casein/Gluten issues), Auditory Processing Disorder and PANDAS.  Doing a complete blood profile on B12, Ferritin, and natural Lithium levels are important.  W hen someone is lacking in B12, for example, the result can be an exited Central Nervous System; which can result in symptoms like: Hyper Active movements, mood de-regulation issues, numb extremities,...look it up.

On day 3, for example, my son's 6 year battle of numb/tingling legs  went away...over night.  B12 supplements fixed this.  If your child simultaneously has a low white blood cell count.. It can help that as well. They are related.  Numb legs and low white blood cell count is often intermingled.

Auditory processing by a specialist is very important.  Dr. Ferre, in Oak Brook, is the only specialist in Illinois that I know of. It is rare, but worth testing.  Because you can fix it...based on where the issue is in the brain..and she will know.

My son, after completing 5 month's of therapy, went from the 5th percential in Math and Reading to the 70 percential in Math and Reading.  I will adimit that this kind of improvement is unusual, but it happened.  He is now slotted to do even better...He went from teachers nodding sympathetically to me to excitement about his academic abilities... No Kidding.

I post this to encourage the many parents whom struggle to assist their children meet their own unique child's abilities....