Friday, August 30, 2013

PANDAS/IVIG...Did it work?


     11 weeks ago, my son, Everett, received an IVIG treatment for Pandas.  Since then, he has been doing amazing.  He is a different child.  He has returned back to a child whom is calm and reasonable.  He is acting age appropriate.  He has dropped his baby like tendencies, like baby talk, and  wanting to eat with his hands.  I am not seeing the ocd repetitive behaviors like spinning in circles, running up the same three steps over and over again.  He is no longer exhibiting what I would describe as "herky jerky" movements.  He is no longer screaming out like a bird over and over again.  I am not seeing hours and hours of oppositional/argumentative behaviors.  His short term memory is starting to return.  He truly is a different child.

     I often find myself just staring at him at times when he is sitting calmly at the kitchen table. Or when I make a simple request like, go get dressed and he does it.  He does it.  No more ridiculous meltdowns that don't make any sense.  It is almost too good to be true. 

    Everett will be on antibiotics for the next two years most likely.  He is on a regime of magnesium, vitamin C/daily vitamin, and probiotics.  The abx acts as an anti-inflammatory as well as to help ward off illness.  I am told it is not strong enough to hold off strep, and while the IVIG is doing it's thing, and his immune system is maturing, we will be very vigilant about catching a strep infection as early as possible.  In December, he will have his tonsils removed. 

     We will all keep our fingers crossed....but so GOOD!



  1. Thinking about you and wanted to say I hope is going well for you and your family.
    Lynn K.

  2. So glad for you!!!! I am hoping and praying that day comes soon for us!

  3. Thank you for your warm thoughts....they mean a lot to me.


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