Monday, November 30, 2015

Amazing how far medicine has come...

Wow.  7  years ago, I was very worried about both my children.  Update. With a lot of patience and a lot of work...they are doing so well!!!  So don't give up!

I straddled Sensory Issues, Oppositional Deviance Disorder, ADD, and Pandas and learning disabilities.

Both my kids are doing better than well.

I brag, but forth most, I am so humble.  The medical community has come so far in understanding what is/can be root causes for things like: mood disorders, anger issues, oppositional behaviors, learning disabilities, etc...

If you are a parent whom is concerned about your child...Please, don't give up.

Look into Diet(Casein/Gluten issues), Auditory Processing Disorder and PANDAS.  Doing a complete blood profile on B12, Ferritin, and natural Lithium levels are important.  W hen someone is lacking in B12, for example, the result can be an exited Central Nervous System; which can result in symptoms like: Hyper Active movements, mood de-regulation issues, numb extremities,...look it up.

On day 3, for example, my son's 6 year battle of numb/tingling legs  went away...over night.  B12 supplements fixed this.  If your child simultaneously has a low white blood cell count.. It can help that as well. They are related.  Numb legs and low white blood cell count is often intermingled.

Auditory processing by a specialist is very important.  Dr. Ferre, in Oak Brook, is the only specialist in Illinois that I know of. It is rare, but worth testing.  Because you can fix it...based on where the issue is in the brain..and she will know.

My son, after completing 5 month's of therapy, went from the 5th percential in Math and Reading to the 70 percential in Math and Reading.  I will adimit that this kind of improvement is unusual, but it happened.  He is now slotted to do even better...He went from teachers nodding sympathetically to me to excitement about his academic abilities... No Kidding.

I post this to encourage the many parents whom struggle to assist their children meet their own unique child's abilities....


Thursday, September 11, 2014

How Food can cause ODD & ADHD symptoms

Food intolerance, mood & focus.

If you have followed my blog, you would have read about how we found the root cause of my son Michael's 5 year long battle with various challenges: Hyper-sensory, irritability, oppositional behaviors, focus issues, anger.

We are now at about 3 1/2 months after clearing Michaels diet of the foods that were a problem for him.

He is still consistently wonderful. His mood is very stable. His sensory issues are gone 100%. His focus has improved dramatically with no medication. I do not see any anger. There is no opposition.

He is the nicest person in the household. Truly.


If anybody is interested, google Dr. James Greenblatt out of  Boston. He is associated with Tuft's, and Boston's Children's Hospital.

He has a couple of webinars that are very informative, and provides a wealth of information.


Sunday, August 10, 2014



We are now about 10 weeks into an elimination diet for my son Michael, and I can say that the results are lasting. He is continuing to improve.  I have to admit, I thought it was a fluke; or was concerned that it was a fluke, but it is not.

Last week Michael started summer school...the true test. Would he stand up to the pressures of learning and still hold his new cooperative/focused/non-oppositional status....HE DID!!!

One glitch. The third day, Michael felt the pressure, and went back to "old" tools. He quit. The teacher tried to real him  back in and failed. In the end he called me. Michael and I had a very firm conversation about what is no longer an option for him anymore: Quitting, ignoring instruction, any disrespectful behavior....OMG! It worked. My son turned his behavior around and finished the day with good performance.

I have to share with you, that over the last3 year's,  this would have never happened. In the past,  he would have shut me out, hid under a table and there would have been nothing that  anybody could have done to turn the moment around.

Today, over the last 10 weeks, things have been different. My son is still 8 at the end of the day. He still has moments. But the difference is that He is able to be reached. Emotionally, and cognitively.

The elimination diet has changed his world. He is happy, functioning, and more sensory organized. His anger, oppositional tendencies have all but disappeared, and when they crop up, I am able deal with him with traditional parenting ways.

For today, I have a different child.

I am grateful and thankful for the research that has led to answers for my son.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Food Allergies and Reading...

If you read my last post, you will know about our latest endeavor. Eliminating Gluten, Dairy, and Eggs from my son's diet.

In the quest of trying to understand my very irritable, oppositional son whom appeared to be flunking out of school at the early age of 8, I decided to go with a hunch and an alternative approach.

With the help of a psychiatrist, Dr. James Greenblatt, we set out to find the "root cause" for all of his issues. The obvious question being, "Something has to be the root cause for things like ADHD, ODD?"  "It does not occur without a reason?"  "Something has to be amiss physiologically?" "Right?"


As a whole, Brandon came back looking not to shabby on paper. With a few glitches. It turns out some very  important glitches. He is extremely allergic/Intolerant to Milk (casein, whey), Gluten, and Eggs.

One month now, we are pretty clean from a dietary standpoint.

In one month, my son's reading level has jumped up from a level I (beginning of 2nd grade) to a letter P, 3rd grade. He is starting 3rd grade this fall. I am thrilled. Just thrilled. He is reading with fluency and accuracy as well. I can't believe that something as simple as a food allergy could cause enough brain fog and neurotransmitter upset to produce such adverse symptoms.

He also came up low in calcium, magnesium, and lithium. Not horribly low, but low. Apparently kids who end up with diagnosis's like ADHD tend to run low on these. We have been using a product called, Calm, by Puritian's Pride. It is a powder form of magnesium. It is supposed to increase magnesium and calcium. So far, I have been giving it to both my boys and I am seeing some nice results. Calm. I am seeing more calm.

Next week, we will add a natural form of lithium to his diet. Not the psyche drug. When one is low on lithium naturally, it too can cause brain fog and concentration issues. This will be interesting.

Stand by, I will keep you posted.


Friday, June 27, 2014

Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, ODD...WOW! It was food allergies.

Hi Everyone, sorry I have not posted in awhile. To tell the truth, life has been on the calmer side the first half of the year, so I decided to take a break from writing.

Then March came, and my Michael fell off the cliff. When I mean fell off the cliff, I mean, all of his old behaviors came back full throttle with a vengeance. This time as an 8 year old boy with plenty of arsenal. Now, when I say "came back", what I really should explain is that they heightened out of nowhere in a very big way.

They never really went away. However, with much vested effort to understand my child, and a wonderful Behavior Modification Program by Harold Glasser, The Nurtured Heart Approach, I really achieved a lot. A lot, as you may have read from recent posts.

As long as I was able to hover over him through out much of his day, we were in pretty good shape.

Again. March. All of my child's worst traits reared their angry heads. Opposition, refusal to comply, mean behavior, snarky tones. total disrespect, anger. So much anger.


The phone calls started coming from school. More phone calls. We had meetings. Then more meetings. Made plans. Made more plans. Nothing worked. I mean nothing worked.

I finally decided to put in a call to a Dr. James Greenblatt. I had my Michael on his waiting list in case I ever needed him. Still, a long wait. I begged. Then I begged some more. God. They were going to find a place for him in his schedule. In 6 weeks.

Meanwhile, because I knew how this doctor operated. In the sense of looking for "root cause" for things like ADHD, ODD, Bi-Polar, etc...And I had a pretty good idea that my Michael fit into his profile of kids that can be treated for the above listed disorders through diet, supplementation, etc, I got to work.

I slowly started eliminating gluten and milk from my child's diet. It took about 2 weeks to get the diet pretty clean.

At the end of the second week, the IGG food allergy blood results came back. HOLY CATS!!! My child was not just allergic to milk/dairy/Gluten.  He was OVER THE TOP OFF THE CHARTS allergic. Especially to milk, and every aspect of it: Casein, Whey, and Lactose Intolerant. What really threw me was his allergy to EGGS. EGGS. UGH. Have you ever cooked without eggs? Try it. It is not for the faint of heart.

At the end of week 2, I removed eggs.

Day 18 of diet. My child woke up a different child. I don't mean a little different. I mean, "WHO IS THIS HAPPY CHILD", kind of different. Gone was the edge, the snarky tones, the mean acts towards his brother. He started saying please and thank you like, ten times a day. He started smiling more, and started accepting compliments. He did not fall apart when I reprimanded him. I can reprimand him now!! The bonus is that afterwards, he actually sits down and talks to me about his behavior. This has never happened one time, I mean ONE TIME in this child's life. Over the past week, it has happened several times. Reading...READING. HE IS READING WITHOUT CRYING. But wait, I must add that my son has had a 3 year negative relationship to reading. So, it is still cropping up a little when reading (frustration/avoidance). But he is doing it. His reading has jumped up 100%. Another 50% and he will be ready for 3rd grade. More then ready.

Truly, this child has changed. Now, I am often accused of being too optimistic. That may be true. But so far, for 1 1/2 weeks now, I have consistently seen a different child. I don't even have to use my behavior mod program, although by habit I still do.

We see his new doctor in about ten days. Diet is only the half of it. I believe that cleaning up the gut and then proper supplements to balance neuro brain chemicals from malabsorption issues caused by food allergies will be a 6 month endeavor.

That's okay. I'll take it.

After learning what I have learned. For example learning how certain food allergies can have a different histamine response then garden variety to grass/pollen etc. How the antibodies that are created from these kinds of allergies have the capacity to cross the blood brain barrio and attach themselves to the opiate receptors in the brain and cause things like, irritability, brain fog, ets...I can see how a simple  allergy  to milk for example, can have such a dramatic neuro/behaviorial  response in a child.

I encourage any parent whom has a child whom is dealing with emotional dysregulation issue, sensory issues, odd, adhd, bi-polar to have these IGG blood tests done. They are simple, and can be done through a primary physician.

I will be posting in the near future to share our journey.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

PANDAS: A list of some of the most important things I have learned.

1)  Once Pandas is tripped off, new episodes can be brought on by anything that turns on the auto-immune system: Flu, sore throat, allergies, cuts/scrapes, lost teeth, stress, exposure to somebody else whom is sick. This happens because once you have misguided T cells, the autoimmune system has what is called a working memory. So anything that causes an autoimmune reaction, the same misguided T cells will be made over and over,  hence, a Pandas flare.

2)  Much of the autoimmune system is in the gut. Probiotics are critical. When the gut is overrun by bad bacteria and not enough gut flora, an inflammatory response will result. "Happy Gut/Happy Brain".  "Leaky Gut/Leaky Brain". Your neurotransmitters are also partly manufactured in your gut.  If your gut is unbalanced, your neurotransmitters can be unbalanced as well.  Actually, science is focusing more and more on the relationship between the gut and neuropsychiatric illnesses. If your interested, google Dr. James Greenblatt.

3)  Antibiotics works for 3 reasons with Pandas. 1) It helps to eradicate the invader. 2) It is an anti-inflammatory. 3) It  tells the immune system to turn off. With Pandas, part of the problem is that the immune system does not turn off by itself and keeps making antibodies because it is mistaking certain cells in the brain that have a similar protein structure as Strep. The immune system thinks the body is still sick and keeps making antibodies.  Remember, once this disorder, "mistaken identity" issue is tripped off, working memory enters into the drama.

4)  Motrin and like anti-inflammatories are good for taming down a flare, but not a cure. They are more a band-aide. They do have their role in treating Pandas, but be careful not to overuse.  I have learned not to use Motrin often, because it can mask symptoms and the flare can get out of control and harder to treat...I go to antibiotics if my child is looking symptomatic for more then 24 hours.

5)  Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory and good for Pandas children. Turmeric Force, by New Chapter has been great. It is like a constant stream of anti-inflammatory running through my child's body...It appears to be able to cross the BBB as well. No motrin and no flares...

6)  Yelling/Reprimanding a child in the gripes of Pandas will make it worse.

7)  IVIG is wonderful, but not an instant cure. It takes up to a full year or more for its full effect on the immune system.

8)  Flares come and go. Even after IVIG. The hopeful result is that they are farther in between,  less intense, and recover faster.  The difference between a child whom is treated and not treated (IVIG is not only option), is the big picture outcome: "Eventually all Pandas children will fully recover".  " It is the  child never treated that can become lifelong and chronic". "Never treated" meaning not addressing Pandas from an autoimmune approach.

9)  After a long flare, Pandas behaviors can become a habit, and even who they are.  It is important to know your child well and determine the difference. I return to holding my child accountable for his actions as soon as possible after a flare. If  my son is able to self correct,  I know he is done with the flare.

10)  The wax/wane pattern can last several weeks after a flare, and it is the normal part of the healing process.  The important thing to look for is continued improvement while this is happening.

11)  For us, a Tonsillectomy was very helpful.  It is theorized that the Tonsils which act as a garbage collector of past infections can leach out a steady stream of these back into the system. This can turn on  the autoimmune system and cause  flares over and over again.

12)  Always re-test any child after a Strep infection has been treated with antibiotics.  Always.

13) When deciding to supplement, go slowly, adding one supplement at a time. If you start off with too many at the same time, you will not get a good read on what works and what doesn't. Often, your child will react poorly to a supplement you have chosen. If you have started several all at the same time, you will not know which one is the culprit.

14)  You and your child will get through this.