Friday, September 28, 2012

P.A.N.D.A.S. Another Episode

P.A.N.D.A.S...Thought I would share with you our latest brush with Pandas. Everett, received a tentative diagnosis last spring from Dr,  At that time he was past the episode so Dr. K said we needed to wait for the next episode to finalize the diagnosis.  Probably October or November (when strep rears it's ugly head).

     Sure enough, starting about a week ago, my Everett's behavior did a 180 on us. He went from the calm, sweet, well mannered, respectful, happy little boy to the boy that has "re-emerged" from last spring. 

     Our first warning signs came as they did before in the way of behavior. He started exhibiting a loss of  "emotional control".  He started having meltdowns over the simplest of things:  Like asking him to brush his teeth, put his pajamas on, come inside for dinner. I understand that I myself when I was six was still prone to meltdowns...however, our Everett was acting like a two year old. These meltdowns include: screaming, crying, mild hitting, sarcastic disrespectful comments. All ability to reason with him lost.  Over the past week, the frequency of such meltdowns increased to a constant.  He now gets mad if you touch his head, laugh at the wrong thing, cut up the apple instead of just handing it to him whole. Saying no to him about anything right now is a nightmare.

     We all started walking on egg shells again....Is it? The Pandas? Some important symptoms were not present, so maybe a phase?

     More symptoms came just today and decimated any thoughts that this was anything other then Pandas.

     Off the bus from school came the symptoms.  Everett, cranky and moody is now spinning, jumping, bumping, falling....all over the place... I watched him this evening,( I actually decided to tape it ) repeat the same repetitive movements over and over again. Three hours of his evening was
dedicated to this...over and over and over....


     I called Dr. K and he concluded that if Everett was showing symptoms, it was Pandas. He will see
him tomorrow. We will also get a blood strep test. Panda's is associated with strep so I am sure it will be positive.  Dr. K said that at this point, it does not matter, but he want the documentation.

     Bittersweet.  We have been waiting for the next episode...oddly enough because another episode means that he gets the diagnosis and finally the treatment. Steroid injections, followed by an IVIG treatment. Dr. K says it will cure him. Chances are extremely high that Everett will never have another episode again.

    Bittersweet because while I know that another episode is a "means to an end", it also means that I
have to watch him go through this. These symptoms. It is very hard to watch your son unravel. But I
will, and I will focus on the silver lining. The Cure.

    I will keep everyone updated about our next steps, how Everett does, and the end results.  I think it's important to share. Pandas gets misdiagnosed a lot.

    I have another post dedicated to explaining a lot more detail about this auto-immune disorder.

    I think every mom should read it.

    Goodnight, QAnnie


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