Sunday, September 30, 2012


     How to get your child to appear civilized in a restaurant:

     I have to admit, I'm proud of this one. Here's what you do. Pick a day and announce to your little darling that we are going out to lunch! When they are not looking, eat lunch. Make sure the kids are good and hungry.

     Mission: You are going to the restaurant with the purpose of leaving.

     When you arrive at the destination lay out the ground should go something like this...I expect you to......and if you can't follow these rules:  WE ARE LEAVING.  Now if this tip catches your attention at all then I know your are hungry, your kids are hungry, and you are hoping that today is the day that they will show some signs of restaurant self control. And when they don't, the threats start, people are looking over at you, the food is already ordered, your committed....and you have to suffer through the whole miserable experience.

    Today is different though. Today is the day that you hope they act up!  That's right, because you have already notified the server that you really are not there to eat but to leave(trust me, if you pick a place that is somewhat kid friendly they will understand the plan)  .Okay, so what sit, and the minute one starts to act up you give one reminder. ONE. When a second offense is committed, your done. You get up and you leave. You do this whether their poor behavior starts in the first three minutes or when the server has just placed the plates on the table. (This little adventure might cost you a little with nothing to show for itself but empty stomachs, but the  payoff is huge)  You abruptly get up and march your little ones out the door, go home and make them their least favorite lunch, but edible.

    This works, it really does. It may take a couple of times  depending on how much your child tests limits, but well worth it.  What I really love about this idea is the fact that instead of feelings of dread when you take them out to the restaurant, your actually in a good mood, calm, and feeling in control knowing that you are in fact going to do what you probably would never do in this setting.

     You see, what I think is that kids are very smart. They figure out very quickly when a parent is most likely not going to carry out an impending consequence....restaurants are one of those settings. You can apply this approach to many places and situations. You could set up fake play dates, movie trips, the library.....the learning experiences are endless!! Pretty soon your little loved ones will know that you mean business and that while they might think your a little trigger happy...they will acquiesce...In fact, I'm convinced that if we were half as good at manipulating them as they are us, parenting would be a breeze. QAnnie

Friday, September 28, 2012

P.A.N.D.A.S. Another Episode

P.A.N.D.A.S...Thought I would share with you our latest brush with Pandas. Everett, received a tentative diagnosis last spring from Dr,  At that time he was past the episode so Dr. K said we needed to wait for the next episode to finalize the diagnosis.  Probably October or November (when strep rears it's ugly head).

     Sure enough, starting about a week ago, my Everett's behavior did a 180 on us. He went from the calm, sweet, well mannered, respectful, happy little boy to the boy that has "re-emerged" from last spring. 

     Our first warning signs came as they did before in the way of behavior. He started exhibiting a loss of  "emotional control".  He started having meltdowns over the simplest of things:  Like asking him to brush his teeth, put his pajamas on, come inside for dinner. I understand that I myself when I was six was still prone to meltdowns...however, our Everett was acting like a two year old. These meltdowns include: screaming, crying, mild hitting, sarcastic disrespectful comments. All ability to reason with him lost.  Over the past week, the frequency of such meltdowns increased to a constant.  He now gets mad if you touch his head, laugh at the wrong thing, cut up the apple instead of just handing it to him whole. Saying no to him about anything right now is a nightmare.

     We all started walking on egg shells again....Is it? The Pandas? Some important symptoms were not present, so maybe a phase?

     More symptoms came just today and decimated any thoughts that this was anything other then Pandas.

     Off the bus from school came the symptoms.  Everett, cranky and moody is now spinning, jumping, bumping, falling....all over the place... I watched him this evening,( I actually decided to tape it ) repeat the same repetitive movements over and over again. Three hours of his evening was
dedicated to this...over and over and over....


     I called Dr. K and he concluded that if Everett was showing symptoms, it was Pandas. He will see
him tomorrow. We will also get a blood strep test. Panda's is associated with strep so I am sure it will be positive.  Dr. K said that at this point, it does not matter, but he want the documentation.

     Bittersweet.  We have been waiting for the next episode...oddly enough because another episode means that he gets the diagnosis and finally the treatment. Steroid injections, followed by an IVIG treatment. Dr. K says it will cure him. Chances are extremely high that Everett will never have another episode again.

    Bittersweet because while I know that another episode is a "means to an end", it also means that I
have to watch him go through this. These symptoms. It is very hard to watch your son unravel. But I
will, and I will focus on the silver lining. The Cure.

    I will keep everyone updated about our next steps, how Everett does, and the end results.  I think it's important to share. Pandas gets misdiagnosed a lot.

    I have another post dedicated to explaining a lot more detail about this auto-immune disorder.

    I think every mom should read it.

    Goodnight, QAnnie


Pandas....the end of episode 3 ?

     If you have been following Everett's latest brush with Pandas, you have probably been wondering what has happened to us, why we fell of the radar.  Two words: Stomach Flu.  Everett came down with a monster case of it.  It involved several trips to his pediatrician, a trip to the E.R. at 3am, and many failed attempts of making it to the bathroom on time.  UGH.  Naturally, his twin brother, Michael eventually got it, and then gave it back to Everett.....UGH.

     Which brings me to Everett's long awaited appointment with Dr. K., this past Friday.  Well, we never made it.  We were actually on our way out the door when Everett relapsed.  Of course, he again, failed to make it to the bathroom on time.....

     So we have rescheduled.  This coming up Tuesday, the 19th.  11:15 to be exact. 

     As far as his symptoms, they have receded.  I am not sure if we are through with this episode, or if he is so depleted that he lacks the energy to even react.  The last three days, he has been lethargic and motionless.  A first for my Everett.  For two of the days I don't think he even spoke more than five words.  He was just worn down and exhausted.  Today I saw a little bit of life re-emerge.  I think he turned a corner.....we shall see.

     Meanwhile, I am exhausted and worn down.  I am tired of doctor's visits, and  middle of the night puke fests.  I am tired of running to the Jewel for Gatorade, crackers, and Clorox clean-ups. I am tired of telling my children that they can't drink anything when they are thirsty, and tired of begging them to drink something when they are not.   I am tired of worrying.  Mostly, I am just tired. 

     There, I feel much better.

      On that note, I am going to bed with hopes that is will be a fruitful endeavor.  I will be in touch.



     Hi there, I'm QAnnie.  I am a mom. A mom of twin boys. Everett and Michael. They are six yrs old. I decided to write a blog to share my journey as a mother  and share all that I have learned from professionals, friends, and the wise...

     Some things to know about me..I am a terrible speller. Sorry. I use lots of sarcasm (so don't take me to seriously). I love my boys...really love my boys. They have melted my heart, caused me to cry, laugh, yell, tested my limits, scared me to death, caused  sleepless nights, and yet they have  shown me a love that I never knew existed .

    My children have taught me how to think out of the box, be innovative during sticky moments, to believe in myself ...and in them. I have made mistakes, a lot of them.  I have also learned to do some things right.  Most importantly, I have learned to never give up or second guess my children.
 Especially at those moments when you are sure you think that you have them all figured out.

     I am not an expert, doctor, or  teacher.  I don't know everything and have been wrong many times.  I do know one thing.  Being a mother has taught me allot. There are things I know now that I didn't know then.  If I reflect back, I would not have sweated the small stuff, as well as know that I could and would handle the big stuff.

     I want to share my experience as a mother.  Everything from: sensory issues, Pandas, Highstrung Temperaments, negative attention, as well as some lightweighted but important issues: potty training (I really did it in one day!), fears of lightening/thunder, etc....

     The list is endless.

   So I hope you mothers, fathers, walk along with me on this journey, and perhaps all learn from each other!  We can only hope for wisdom and a good nights sleep,  Good night.  QAnnie                                                                                                                                                                             

Pandas update

     Everett has finished his two week round of antibiotics as of friday and I am sorry to say that there has not been any great improvement.  He is still waxing/waning in and out of temper-tantrums and still  being generally unreasonable....

      I touched base with Dr. K today and he was discouraged that Everett has not improved signifigantly with the round of meds.  He suggested giving Everett a couple of more weeks to see if there will be any more improvement.  The fact that he has not improved suggests to him that the antibiotics have "failed" to right his immune system.  He explained that all kids eventually fail to respond to the antibiotics and perhaps if he does not recover adequitely soon it would be time to discuss the IVIG treatments.

     I have to confess that  after a month or so of Everett's behaviors, and the ill effects it has had on the entire household,  I  too am ready for the IVIG.  After having four full months of Everett being calm, (a completely different kid after six weeks of antibiotics) I am just not used to the behaviors anymore.  I want my Everett back........

     So for now, we are still in a wait and see mode.




      It appears that Everett's Pandas episode has come to an end.  Last night, Thursday, I walked in the door and I once again immediately, intuitively, felt the difference.  It was his energy again  that I was feeling.  I knew the answer before I asked.   "How was Everett today?", "He was actually very good", came the reply.  That was last night.

     Last night was also the first night of many that he A) went to bed by himself  and  B) did not have a urinary accident.   This morning he woke up calm.  Gone was the frenetic energy.  Gone was the screeching, growling, jumping and bumping into his brother.  He was calm. CALM!  He came downstairs, ate breakfast, dressed, with no commotion, no arguing.

     I kissed him goodbye, wished him a good day at school, and crossed my fingers...He came home much the same.......and has remained that way.  My Everett is back!  I won't make is final until he gets through the weekend.  However, past experience has proven to me that I know when it has started, and I know when it has stopped.

     There are some residual symptoms.  Some very mild meltdowns.  However, Dr. K. told me that I can expect some of that.  The main difference is that for the past two weeks, when he went into a meltdown, they lasted for a long time, no self regulating at all.  Tonight, he has started to react a little, but he has quickly calmed down, and consistently he has  let the issue go.  Huge.

     Now, for some bragging rights.

     It is report card time....Both my boys came home with stellar report cards.  Yes, stellar.  They have both worked so hard and have come so far since Kindergarten.  My Michael, who was not reaching standards last period, has moved up in every single area.  His teacher wrote a note saying that Michael has made "extraordinary" leaps academically.  "Extraordinary!",  He is now meeting all school requirements.  Everett, who met most requirements last grading period, now has met all of them.   
His teacher wrote that she feels that Everett has "great" academic potential in all areas.  

    Last year I was worried about adhd, odd, learning name it.  We have worked so hard on behavior modification, sensory issues, academics.....It is so good to know as a mom that it has paid off.  

     Mother's day has come early.

    On that note,  I wish you all a very goodnight. 



P.A.N.D.A.S: Doctors apt.

     Hello, Thursday we had two doctor appointments and a blood draw at a hospital.  I have to say Everett was a trooper.  Everett's "quick strep" test came back negative, so it will be cultured. One time, it came back positive when initial results were negative.

     Next stop, Dr. K.  He took one look at Everett and said "it's the tooth". "huh?", I asked. Dr. K went on to explain that they are finding that the immune response to a tooth loss can be enough to kick off a Pandas episode....

     Apparently Everett's glitchy immune system can go a little haywire with other forms of infections, not just Strep.

     After consult, Dr. K decided that this was probably going to be a mild episode. He went on to explain that each Pandas episode is unique unto itself. Meaning, sometimes you can have off the charts type behavior, sometimes mild.

     For Everett this means that for right now we are only seeing mood volatility, irritability, temper-tantrums, a little aggression. He is also, mainly at night, doing some repetitive movements..spinning, running up to third step in our house and jumping off over and over. I notice that he is a little more fearful then his usual to sleep by himself.

     This time around, I am seeing more calm moments in comparison to last spring. Last spring he was a wreck ALL the time and for several weeks.  He could not keep it together in any arena: school, sports, home...he looked very adhd. So for he has been able to keep it together in school. Time will tell.

     Everett will start antibiotic therapy.  It is with hope that killing and mild infection that might be invading his body will return Everett back to status qua: calm, compliant, emotional control, agreeable.  Everett has  exhibited very little of these traits for about 2 weeks now.
     We want our Everett back.

     Hopefully the antibiotics will do the trick.  It looks like we might be into a 6 week stint of antibiotics.  If that does not work, then he would receive a :steroid burst. We will keep our fingers crossed.

     Well, that's where we are at right now.  I will keep posting as we go along. It's been a long, emotional week.

     Goodnight, QAnnie


     Everett has been on antibiotics for about a week now and he seems to be doing better.  I would definitely say that this episode is much milder. No nail biting, calmer moments, and he is able to hold it together in school.  Almost makes me wonder if this was a false alarm..Dr. K said that each episode will be unique. Some better, some worse.  This time around it was more behavioral. Intense tantrums pretty much around the clock and over everything. Some mild OCD quirks: stair climbing over and over for about 1 1/2 hours at a time non-stop. The stair climbing has already abated.  I wonder if the reason this episode was so mild is because we know what we are dealing with now and caught it quick and put him on antibiotics.

     In hindsight, I think his past episodes were going on a long time before we realized it was something more then high-strung behavior. As the kids grow older, I think it is easier to catch because their is  higher expectations regarding behavior. What you would see as normal in a two year old would stand out in a seven year old.

     Anyway, as of right now, Everett seems to be on the mend. We always keep our fingers crossed.

     Goodnight, QAnnie


Pandas Episode 3

     Everett is in the middle of another Pandas episode.  It was kicked off by the stomach flu that he had 2 1/2 weeks ago.  His symptoms started about 1 week after the flu. It looked like a mild episode until on day five he then got Tonsillitis and two days later his Panda's symptoms got worse.
     His typical symptoms include:  His ability to reason has regressed to that of a 2 yr. old. He is arguing over everything, and is unable to let go of an argument once it has started, becoming fixated on it.   He is having  temper tantrums over just about everything.  He is acting very very hyper and is unable to calm down once he is over stimulated.  He is running around the house, jumping, bumping, and bouncing into everything.  His movements are at times very erratic and look very "herky jerky".   He is also acting aggressively, targeting his brother, Michael. He is tackling him, running up to him and screeching, growling, barking loudly in his ear.  He is antagonizing him and trying to push his buttons.  This is unfortunate because Michael has hyper-sensitive integration  issues and after about a week of this, he himself has started to unravel.

     I knew it was a Pandas episode when he started having urinary accidents at night and even during the day.  I think the reason this happens is because when he is having an episode it seems that his whole body/brain is in a "alarmed", "anxiety" type state.  It seems to disrupt his brain body/connection, therefor, he fails to feel his own natural cues prompting him to go to the bathroom.  When he had a bowel accident, I knew for sure something was up.

     That leads me to his night fears.  While he is not a fan of sleeping in his bed, he was not complaining about it.  All of a sudden, he was asking again to sleep with me.  When he sleeps with me, I notice his sleep is not calm, as usual. He is thrashing around allot, kicking, arms flying around, flipping. This can almost be non-stop.

     His ability to focus is off.  Until today, Monday, he was doing reasonably well at school. But since the episode went to another level over the weekend, he had a hard time at school today. Unable to focus and manage school work without a lot of re-direction. He was arguing with his teacher, which has never happened in his first grade year. Up till now, his teacher has reported that he was one of her best behaved students.  He at times appears not to hear you at all, I have to call out to him several times before he responds.

   Some of the newer symptoms have been:  Complaining that the light is hurting his eyes.  He is a very skinny child.  He has been rather focused on this. He says often, "I am so skinny!!", and seems to be delighted with this.  He will not wear certain clothes because he says they make him look "fat". Really?  He does not have an ounce of fat on him. I recently re-read Dr. K's website on Pandas.  I was stunned when I read that "prepuberty" anorexia "thinking" is one of the symptoms.   I don't respond much to this, I"m afraid to give it too much attention.  The good news is that the kid eats allot.  He has not yet made the connection with eating/weight gain. God.

     One strange thing about Panda's is the waxing/waning.  For the most part, I am seeing more of a constant with his symptoms, not seeing much waning.

     Everett saw Dr. K. last Wednesday.  He started him on antibiotics for both his tonsillitis and Pandas symptoms.  He will do 10 days and then wait a week for his symptoms to go away.  If it works then we are good until the next episode. If the antibiotics fail, then we will discuss IVG.  Dr. K. says that as long as the antibiotics work we will use them until age 10. He feels that at age 10 he see's a lower success rate with the IVG.



     Lions and Tigers and ....Pandas??  Really?  Today I had 1st grade school conferences. I am pleased to report that all of our hard work in regards to sensory issues, auditory processing therapy, understanding a diagnosis called PANDAS has paid off!

     My children had a very, very rough start in kindergarten. My children's kindergarten teacher started the year out optimistic. It quickly went to confusion. Which led to frustration and eventually at least one of them could not wait for the year to end fast enough......9+ months yielded no noticeable change in regards to my children's behavior. In fact it got worse, especially for Everett. Viewed as High-strung, but with time to mature, Everett's teacher was sure that his endless high energy, inability to sit at circle time, impulse control and a problem with following the rules would  slowly abate with enough positive reinforcement and maturity.

    Well, it didn't. By mid-spring, Everett's usual antics turned on a dime overnight. For the worse. I mean overnight. Hard to believe, but my little guy went from high-strung, borderline adhd to looking classic Autistic overnight. He went to bed one way, and woke up  another way. I now had a child who was spinning his body over and over again and again all day long. His somewhat temperamental,  nature now was explosive and out of control.  And the nail biting... gnawing was a better word.  Constant, all day, and when he ran out of fingernails,  he started ripping strips of skin off the pads of his fingers...He started wetting the bed every night. He became so out of control that my house quickly got turned upside down and I thought he must have a brain tumor.

     I called his doctor. To make a long story short, Everett, several months later was diagnosed with a very rare auto-immune disorder called PANDAS. When his pediatrician first suspected this I thought, no, NO WAY.   But I happened to respect his doctor, he has always been wonderful and right on (he knew my kids well) with both my kids and he has always truly cared. So I decided to listen. After about a half hour of talking I decided to believe him.

      PANDAS: Simply put is believed to be an inherited glitch of the immune system.  When such persons, like Everett encounter the Strep throat bacteria, the immune system goes haywire.  It does a couple of things wrong.  First, when Panda's kids encounter strep their immune system fails to respond and cause strep throat symptoms.  These children often run no fever, have no sore throat, and consequently have a history of at least one Scarlet fever incident in their history. Everett had Scarlet Fever when he was three.

     The second thing that goes wrong with Panda's kids immune system is that when it encounters strep, it is thought that their system makes "imperfect" antibodies with a less perfect GPS.  The immune system goes on antibody keeps making them and making them...even if the child is treated and the strep in eradicated.   Problem: The "less perfect" antibodies with the faulty GPS not only attack the strep bacteria, but it also attacks the frontal lobe of the brain called the Basil Ganglia. THE IMMUNE SYSTEM THINKS THE BRAIN HAS STREP!  So it attacks it.....weeks after the strep is gone, the immune system is still attacking the brain and eventually causes enough inflammation to cause a whole host of neurological reactions...ocd behavior (Everett's chronic nail biting), erratic mood swings and explosive behavior, they often start bed wetting after initially being dry.  Fears are a biggie:  Afraid to sleep alone, enter rooms by themselves, are just a few of my Everett's fears. While many kids have fears, it is important to understand that there is a  "big picture",  of where these fears play a role in the diagnostic criteria for Pandas. 

     There are a whole host of behaviors that go into the clinical diagnosis of Pandas. The one criteria  that needs to be demonstrated is the SUDDEN ONSET, OVERNIGHT BEHAVIOR CHANGE witnessed by parent/caregiver.  From what I have learned, every child ever diagnosed with PANDAS meets this part of the criteria.

      If a child is suffering from Pandas, it is likely that he has been dealing with it for years. What happens is that each consecutive bout (which last about 8-12 weeks) leads to a more severe more apparent set of symptoms.  In Everett's case, it it now made sense that he had month's of looking less high-strung, appeared to be maturing, settling down, and then  back to square one, but worse. We as parents finally had answers to all these wax/waning behaviors. Is was his/these inconsistent behavior traits that cause many teachers, doctors, to hedge on a adhd diagnosis because he never really fit any other profile completely.

     Daily I thank God for Everett's pediatrician who led us on the journey to finding an expert and eventually a diagnosis.  It took six weeks of antibiotic therapy to rid his system of his spring Strep throat infection.   Several more for his brain to calm down.  He is doing great . Everett's teacher today told me that he was not the kid that she expected to encounter judging from his kindergarten teacher. Everett comes to school, calm, focused, he is aware and cares about his behavior and is doing well academically.

     Everett will encounter Strep again. He will go into another reaction. The good news.  He will have a IVIG treatment, and chances are very high that he will never have Pandas again.  It can be treated with no long term effects. I share this information because if it were not for a doctor who cared to think out of the box a choose not to stick an easy diagnosis like adhd or ocd  we would still be as parents stymied, scared, and confused. If your child is displaying many of  these behaviors, look up PANDAS on the Internet.

 A word of caution: Pandas is a very rare disorder.  There is specific criteria need to come a diagnosis.  That being said, If your child is displaying some of these symptoms, and there are many symptoms as well, it's worth checking out. I think a well informed parent is a good one. QAnnie


     We are now into a month long episode of Pandas.  This past Monday I mentioned that he came down with another throat infection after only being off the antibiotics for four days.  I'm convinced that he never got rid of the first infection, hence, this has been one long Pandas episode.  The four day break of normal baseline behavior that I saw was probably  part of the wax/wane pattern that can be typical of Pandas.

     At this point, it does not really matter.  I spoke with Dr, K. today, we have an appointment next Friday.  He feels that at this point, we need to talk about IVIG.   YES! 

     I am so done with all of this.


     P.S.  I am recommending a wine called Dreaming Tree, Cabernet.  It can be purchased at Binny's.  It costs around $10.00 and tastes like a $100.00 bottle of wine.  At this point I feel like I deserve a $100.00 bottle of wine.  Ha.

Panda's Update

Everett is back!  Well, I know he is and always will be my Everett regardless what his state of being is... However, I do believe that he has turned a corner and it is nice to see a calmer, more tempered and happier child.  He is waking up calmer, actually, he is sleeping in more.  I wonder if this is his bodies attempt to heal and restore itself.  For weeks he was waking up and immediately going right into highstrung, over-active behaviors.  It unfortunatley set the tone for the day because it caused his brother to react and set his tone as well.  I would awaken to the two of them running around, jumping on the bed, yelling and already fighting. This would continue for the rest of the day.  A vicious cycle. Ugh.

     With the days off to a better start, I am seeing it continue on to better days.  Everett is exhibiting better self control, he is able to reason again. When he was in the grips of Pandas, he could not reason at all. Every little thing was unraveling him.  Before all this started up again,  Everett was really showing impressive signs of growing/maturing emotionaly. He was abe to assess a situation that was frustrating to him, think it through, maintain emotional control, problem solve, and make applicable choices.  I was amazed again and again with his emotional growth.  When he turned on a dime and lost all of that growth, it was very disheartening.

     He is now also able to go into rooms by himself again.  Just yesterday, he went downstairs for the first time in weeks by himself.  Now, he asked if his brother was comming down, (so that showed some trepidation), but he did it!  He is also going upstairs by himself into his bedroom to retreive things. And just this morning, he stayed upstairs and got dressed by himself.  He was not able to do any of these things in past weeks.  He is able again, to reason the fears.  I am not sure what can pass thru his mind during his episodes, but they seem to involve fears of unknown entities...Recapturing his reasoning, he apparently is able to put these "entities in a safe place". 

     All around, Everetts has a brighter outlook, is happier and laughing again.  A more content child.  Interestingly, about four days ago, I came home from work, and within two minutes I could feel the change in my child.  I looked at my husband and said "Everett has turned a corner". Strange, it was his vibrations that I felt, or there lack of.  He was giving off calm, less erratic vibes.  Almost like a temperature change.    I was amazed at how I was instantly able to just "feel" the difference in him.  I suppose it is that phenomenom of a mother's connection to their child.  

     I would put Everett at 80% recovered.  I'll take it. Two weeks ago,  Dr. K said to give him a couple more weeks to see if the effects of the antibiotics would continue to heal him.  It appears that it has.

     Unfortunately, two days ago, Everett fell and knocked his top front tooth out as well as chipping a bottom tooth (his new one).  When I ran to see what the crying was for and I saw the bloody gaping hole that used to posesse a tooth, my first thought was not of my childs pain from the fall, but "Oh Know...this is going to start it all over again!".  Of course, I collected my thoughts, bent down, hugged my child, wiped away his tears and told him he was going to be okay. 

     So we will see if this restarts another episode.  According to Dr. K, the episodes can be a bit random.  Sometimes his immune system goes haywire, sometimes not.  I am going to call him to update him so I will see what he has to say.

    He as a lot of baby teeth to lose...ugh.

     I will be in touch.


PANDAS: It's Back

     Monday morning Everett, after having a calm weekend woke up all disorganized again.  I immediately felt his glands, they were swollen again, and his Tonsils were red and enlarged.  I called Dr. K., concerned about the reemergence of his Pandas.  We started him back on antibiotics, hoping to curb any full scale Pandas issues.  Well, today is Wednesday, and Everett is full tilt.  Once again, screaming, screeching randomly.  He is again jumping, running, twirling into everything.  His twin has taken to hitting and kicking him because his tolerance is low, being that we have had such a short window from the last episode to emotionally recover.

     I asked Dr. K. if this was just a continuation from the most recent episode?  An example of the typical wax/waning that can happen?  Or is this a new episode?   He said it was hard to tell because of the new Tonsillitis infection.

     This morning, Everett's behavior was as bad if not worse then yesterday.  His glands are more swollen and his Tonsils are no better.  I will call Dr K. and see what he thinks.


Pandas Update

     Hello, We have all been a little out of sorts around here given Everett's latest brush with Pandas.  Although it has been a mild episode, it's amazing how one child who is out of sorts can affect the entire household.  Everett has been "waxing & waning" in and out of his behavioral symptoms (typical of pandas).  However, when he is out of sorts..we are all out of sorts.  Everett's temper tantrums can just be endless.  It can be difficult to wrap your brain around what's going on with him when his behavior looks like a spoiled, out of control child.  Nothings can be good enough for him.  You take him to the skate park, and he has a fit because I want him to wear a jacket. (40 degrees outside). He comes upstairs from the basement and I when I ask him to shut the lights off he whines and cries and refuses to comply.  I will call out to him and he will ignore me, not answer, as if he can't hear me...where oh where is my Everett. 

     I have to give big Kudos to his brother, Michael.  Michael is his twin who is strong as a bull and highly inclined  to talk with his hands.  Everett is in his face.  Antagonizing his twin.  At times just getting in his space, screaming in his ear, or verbally bating him.  Amazingly, Michael is holding his ground. Michael is strong enough to take him out.  The kid is strong.  But he hasn't.  I'm impressed.  There are moments when Everett is being so aggressive that I think..."Michael, take him out already".  Instead, Michael seems to be digging deep and using self control. Big big stuff for Michael.

     We are heading towards the end of the second week of meds.  It will take a week or so more for his brain to calm down if this episode follows the same path.

     I will then have my Everett back, and my house will have some sense of calm again.....