Monday, October 22, 2012

BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS AT SCHOOL..Dealing with teachers

     Both my children had a rough start as early as Kindergarten.  I had a rough start as well. I made some mistakes, and I did some things right.  Handling these issues wisely can often make a BIG difference in the outcome of your child's academic experience...

     1)  Assume your child is in a good school. (check school report card).

     2)  Assume your child's teacher is not only good, but cares.

     3)  When the first problem arises respond immediately: Either by email or phone call.

     4)  Be a good listener to what the teacher/principal has to say about the issue.

     5)  Do not give a defensive reaction: Remember, the teacher does not really know your child
          just yet.  Especially if it happens early on in the year.

     6)  Assume that the reason for the call/write-up is the teacher's attempt to solve the issue and
          genuinely wants your child to succeed in school.

     7)  Accept the fact that the teacher is going to "wonder" if this is a parenting issue.

     8)  Share information with the teacher.  Most likely, a call/write up is a teachers attempt to
          better understand your child.  Don't be afraid to share diagnosis's your child has received
          or any special therapies they may be receiving.

     9)  Don't be afraid of your child being "labeled".  The schools these days are filled with students
          whom are dealing with special needs: ADHD, ODD, Sensory Issues to name a few. The
          negative stigmas just don't happen anymore.  Educator are much more informed
          regarding the spectrum of issues many kids face these days.  Rather, special needs are often
          embraced  and viewed by schools as an opportunity to help your child.

    10)  Know that by being open, non-defensive, and  willing to share information will build a
           relationship with the teacher and it will change how they view you. When a teacher knows
           that a parent really cares you have a much higher chance of ending up with a teacher who
           is willing to go the extra mile and work with you to ensure that your child's academic
           experience is a successful one.

          I hope these tips are helpful.  When I changed my own perceptions and decided to work with
          these educators, instead of assuming the worst, it made the world of difference.



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