Friday, September 28, 2012

P.A.N.D.A.S: Doctors apt.

     Hello, Thursday we had two doctor appointments and a blood draw at a hospital.  I have to say Everett was a trooper.  Everett's "quick strep" test came back negative, so it will be cultured. One time, it came back positive when initial results were negative.

     Next stop, Dr. K.  He took one look at Everett and said "it's the tooth". "huh?", I asked. Dr. K went on to explain that they are finding that the immune response to a tooth loss can be enough to kick off a Pandas episode....

     Apparently Everett's glitchy immune system can go a little haywire with other forms of infections, not just Strep.

     After consult, Dr. K decided that this was probably going to be a mild episode. He went on to explain that each Pandas episode is unique unto itself. Meaning, sometimes you can have off the charts type behavior, sometimes mild.

     For Everett this means that for right now we are only seeing mood volatility, irritability, temper-tantrums, a little aggression. He is also, mainly at night, doing some repetitive movements..spinning, running up to third step in our house and jumping off over and over. I notice that he is a little more fearful then his usual to sleep by himself.

     This time around, I am seeing more calm moments in comparison to last spring. Last spring he was a wreck ALL the time and for several weeks.  He could not keep it together in any arena: school, sports, home...he looked very adhd. So for he has been able to keep it together in school. Time will tell.

     Everett will start antibiotic therapy.  It is with hope that killing and mild infection that might be invading his body will return Everett back to status qua: calm, compliant, emotional control, agreeable.  Everett has  exhibited very little of these traits for about 2 weeks now.
     We want our Everett back.

     Hopefully the antibiotics will do the trick.  It looks like we might be into a 6 week stint of antibiotics.  If that does not work, then he would receive a :steroid burst. We will keep our fingers crossed.

     Well, that's where we are at right now.  I will keep posting as we go along. It's been a long, emotional week.

     Goodnight, QAnnie

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