Friday, September 28, 2012

Pandas Update

     Hello, We have all been a little out of sorts around here given Everett's latest brush with Pandas.  Although it has been a mild episode, it's amazing how one child who is out of sorts can affect the entire household.  Everett has been "waxing & waning" in and out of his behavioral symptoms (typical of pandas).  However, when he is out of sorts..we are all out of sorts.  Everett's temper tantrums can just be endless.  It can be difficult to wrap your brain around what's going on with him when his behavior looks like a spoiled, out of control child.  Nothings can be good enough for him.  You take him to the skate park, and he has a fit because I want him to wear a jacket. (40 degrees outside). He comes upstairs from the basement and I when I ask him to shut the lights off he whines and cries and refuses to comply.  I will call out to him and he will ignore me, not answer, as if he can't hear me...where oh where is my Everett. 

     I have to give big Kudos to his brother, Michael.  Michael is his twin who is strong as a bull and highly inclined  to talk with his hands.  Everett is in his face.  Antagonizing his twin.  At times just getting in his space, screaming in his ear, or verbally bating him.  Amazingly, Michael is holding his ground. Michael is strong enough to take him out.  The kid is strong.  But he hasn't.  I'm impressed.  There are moments when Everett is being so aggressive that I think..."Michael, take him out already".  Instead, Michael seems to be digging deep and using self control. Big big stuff for Michael.

     We are heading towards the end of the second week of meds.  It will take a week or so more for his brain to calm down if this episode follows the same path.

     I will then have my Everett back, and my house will have some sense of calm again.....


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