Friday, September 28, 2012

Pandas update

     Everett has finished his two week round of antibiotics as of friday and I am sorry to say that there has not been any great improvement.  He is still waxing/waning in and out of temper-tantrums and still  being generally unreasonable....

      I touched base with Dr. K today and he was discouraged that Everett has not improved signifigantly with the round of meds.  He suggested giving Everett a couple of more weeks to see if there will be any more improvement.  The fact that he has not improved suggests to him that the antibiotics have "failed" to right his immune system.  He explained that all kids eventually fail to respond to the antibiotics and perhaps if he does not recover adequitely soon it would be time to discuss the IVIG treatments.

     I have to confess that  after a month or so of Everett's behaviors, and the ill effects it has had on the entire household,  I  too am ready for the IVIG.  After having four full months of Everett being calm, (a completely different kid after six weeks of antibiotics) I am just not used to the behaviors anymore.  I want my Everett back........

     So for now, we are still in a wait and see mode.



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