Friday, September 28, 2012


      It appears that Everett's Pandas episode has come to an end.  Last night, Thursday, I walked in the door and I once again immediately, intuitively, felt the difference.  It was his energy again  that I was feeling.  I knew the answer before I asked.   "How was Everett today?", "He was actually very good", came the reply.  That was last night.

     Last night was also the first night of many that he A) went to bed by himself  and  B) did not have a urinary accident.   This morning he woke up calm.  Gone was the frenetic energy.  Gone was the screeching, growling, jumping and bumping into his brother.  He was calm. CALM!  He came downstairs, ate breakfast, dressed, with no commotion, no arguing.

     I kissed him goodbye, wished him a good day at school, and crossed my fingers...He came home much the same.......and has remained that way.  My Everett is back!  I won't make is final until he gets through the weekend.  However, past experience has proven to me that I know when it has started, and I know when it has stopped.

     There are some residual symptoms.  Some very mild meltdowns.  However, Dr. K. told me that I can expect some of that.  The main difference is that for the past two weeks, when he went into a meltdown, they lasted for a long time, no self regulating at all.  Tonight, he has started to react a little, but he has quickly calmed down, and consistently he has  let the issue go.  Huge.

     Now, for some bragging rights.

     It is report card time....Both my boys came home with stellar report cards.  Yes, stellar.  They have both worked so hard and have come so far since Kindergarten.  My Michael, who was not reaching standards last period, has moved up in every single area.  His teacher wrote a note saying that Michael has made "extraordinary" leaps academically.  "Extraordinary!",  He is now meeting all school requirements.  Everett, who met most requirements last grading period, now has met all of them.   
His teacher wrote that she feels that Everett has "great" academic potential in all areas.  

    Last year I was worried about adhd, odd, learning name it.  We have worked so hard on behavior modification, sensory issues, academics.....It is so good to know as a mom that it has paid off.  

     Mother's day has come early.

    On that note,  I wish you all a very goodnight. 



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