Friday, September 28, 2012


     We are now into a month long episode of Pandas.  This past Monday I mentioned that he came down with another throat infection after only being off the antibiotics for four days.  I'm convinced that he never got rid of the first infection, hence, this has been one long Pandas episode.  The four day break of normal baseline behavior that I saw was probably  part of the wax/wane pattern that can be typical of Pandas.

     At this point, it does not really matter.  I spoke with Dr, K. today, we have an appointment next Friday.  He feels that at this point, we need to talk about IVIG.   YES! 

     I am so done with all of this.


     P.S.  I am recommending a wine called Dreaming Tree, Cabernet.  It can be purchased at Binny's.  It costs around $10.00 and tastes like a $100.00 bottle of wine.  At this point I feel like I deserve a $100.00 bottle of wine.  Ha.


  1. How has your son been since IVIG? How old was he when he received the treatment? I hope it has been a smooth recovery for all. Best wishes..

  2. He has done quite well. He was 7 when he received IVIG this past June. He was diagnosed almost one year prior at age 6. He had one episode about 3 months after IVIG. It lasted 4 weeks and recovered 100%. Since then he started to have another in Decemeber, and I started antibiotics immediately. Hi symptoms stopped in 2 days. The experts say to expect this. IVIG can take an entire year to do it's magic. They also say I should expect over time, fewer episodes that are shorter in duration and less intense with longer windows in between. That is what we are experiencing. Right now, as of 1/15/14 he is a Rock Star. He is perfect. Just perfect. School is amazed and home life is calm. 110% all good. I'll take that for now!


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