Friday, September 28, 2012

PANDAS: It's Back

     Monday morning Everett, after having a calm weekend woke up all disorganized again.  I immediately felt his glands, they were swollen again, and his Tonsils were red and enlarged.  I called Dr. K., concerned about the reemergence of his Pandas.  We started him back on antibiotics, hoping to curb any full scale Pandas issues.  Well, today is Wednesday, and Everett is full tilt.  Once again, screaming, screeching randomly.  He is again jumping, running, twirling into everything.  His twin has taken to hitting and kicking him because his tolerance is low, being that we have had such a short window from the last episode to emotionally recover.

     I asked Dr. K. if this was just a continuation from the most recent episode?  An example of the typical wax/waning that can happen?  Or is this a new episode?   He said it was hard to tell because of the new Tonsillitis infection.

     This morning, Everett's behavior was as bad if not worse then yesterday.  His glands are more swollen and his Tonsils are no better.  I will call Dr K. and see what he thinks.


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