Friday, September 28, 2012

Panda's Update

Everett is back!  Well, I know he is and always will be my Everett regardless what his state of being is... However, I do believe that he has turned a corner and it is nice to see a calmer, more tempered and happier child.  He is waking up calmer, actually, he is sleeping in more.  I wonder if this is his bodies attempt to heal and restore itself.  For weeks he was waking up and immediately going right into highstrung, over-active behaviors.  It unfortunatley set the tone for the day because it caused his brother to react and set his tone as well.  I would awaken to the two of them running around, jumping on the bed, yelling and already fighting. This would continue for the rest of the day.  A vicious cycle. Ugh.

     With the days off to a better start, I am seeing it continue on to better days.  Everett is exhibiting better self control, he is able to reason again. When he was in the grips of Pandas, he could not reason at all. Every little thing was unraveling him.  Before all this started up again,  Everett was really showing impressive signs of growing/maturing emotionaly. He was abe to assess a situation that was frustrating to him, think it through, maintain emotional control, problem solve, and make applicable choices.  I was amazed again and again with his emotional growth.  When he turned on a dime and lost all of that growth, it was very disheartening.

     He is now also able to go into rooms by himself again.  Just yesterday, he went downstairs for the first time in weeks by himself.  Now, he asked if his brother was comming down, (so that showed some trepidation), but he did it!  He is also going upstairs by himself into his bedroom to retreive things. And just this morning, he stayed upstairs and got dressed by himself.  He was not able to do any of these things in past weeks.  He is able again, to reason the fears.  I am not sure what can pass thru his mind during his episodes, but they seem to involve fears of unknown entities...Recapturing his reasoning, he apparently is able to put these "entities in a safe place". 

     All around, Everetts has a brighter outlook, is happier and laughing again.  A more content child.  Interestingly, about four days ago, I came home from work, and within two minutes I could feel the change in my child.  I looked at my husband and said "Everett has turned a corner". Strange, it was his vibrations that I felt, or there lack of.  He was giving off calm, less erratic vibes.  Almost like a temperature change.    I was amazed at how I was instantly able to just "feel" the difference in him.  I suppose it is that phenomenom of a mother's connection to their child.  

     I would put Everett at 80% recovered.  I'll take it. Two weeks ago,  Dr. K said to give him a couple more weeks to see if the effects of the antibiotics would continue to heal him.  It appears that it has.

     Unfortunately, two days ago, Everett fell and knocked his top front tooth out as well as chipping a bottom tooth (his new one).  When I ran to see what the crying was for and I saw the bloody gaping hole that used to posesse a tooth, my first thought was not of my childs pain from the fall, but "Oh Know...this is going to start it all over again!".  Of course, I collected my thoughts, bent down, hugged my child, wiped away his tears and told him he was going to be okay. 

     So we will see if this restarts another episode.  According to Dr. K, the episodes can be a bit random.  Sometimes his immune system goes haywire, sometimes not.  I am going to call him to update him so I will see what he has to say.

    He as a lot of baby teeth to lose...ugh.

     I will be in touch.


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