Friday, September 28, 2012

Pandas....the end of episode 3 ?

     If you have been following Everett's latest brush with Pandas, you have probably been wondering what has happened to us, why we fell of the radar.  Two words: Stomach Flu.  Everett came down with a monster case of it.  It involved several trips to his pediatrician, a trip to the E.R. at 3am, and many failed attempts of making it to the bathroom on time.  UGH.  Naturally, his twin brother, Michael eventually got it, and then gave it back to Everett.....UGH.

     Which brings me to Everett's long awaited appointment with Dr. K., this past Friday.  Well, we never made it.  We were actually on our way out the door when Everett relapsed.  Of course, he again, failed to make it to the bathroom on time.....

     So we have rescheduled.  This coming up Tuesday, the 19th.  11:15 to be exact. 

     As far as his symptoms, they have receded.  I am not sure if we are through with this episode, or if he is so depleted that he lacks the energy to even react.  The last three days, he has been lethargic and motionless.  A first for my Everett.  For two of the days I don't think he even spoke more than five words.  He was just worn down and exhausted.  Today I saw a little bit of life re-emerge.  I think he turned a corner.....we shall see.

     Meanwhile, I am exhausted and worn down.  I am tired of doctor's visits, and  middle of the night puke fests.  I am tired of running to the Jewel for Gatorade, crackers, and Clorox clean-ups. I am tired of telling my children that they can't drink anything when they are thirsty, and tired of begging them to drink something when they are not.   I am tired of worrying.  Mostly, I am just tired. 

     There, I feel much better.

      On that note, I am going to bed with hopes that is will be a fruitful endeavor.  I will be in touch.


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